World Cup Edge Grinder
Professional Tune in Minutes
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Custom Hardshell Case

Introducing the Fogman World Cup Edge Grinder

This innovative side edge sharpening tool produces
World Cup level edges in minutes.

The rigid fixed angle guides and robust motor mount provide very accurate and repeatable edge angles every time you tune without the need for calibration. 0 to 5 degree angle guides are available.

The CBN Superabrasive Grinding Wheel is an extremely fine grit grinding wheel that cuts freely while providing a superior finished edge.  What this means to you is that with the Fogman World Cup Edge Grinder, you need only one grinding wheel and one step for finishing your edges.  To get the same results using lower quality grinding wheels such as Aluminum Oxide or Ceramic, two different grit wheels and two steps would be needed.

Because of the simplicity of design, even though the tool is overbuilt, it is still light weight and easy to operate.  It even comes with a handsome hard shell case.

The tool rides smoothly on precision bearings that are sealed for long life.

A  Bosch motor is incorporated in the design for reliability and because it plugs right in to a standard outlet.  It is a powerful motor customized to create a grinding wheel surface speed that is optimized for a precise edge finish.

Tool set up is simple.  Just unclamp the motor and gently lower it in the tool.  Place the grinder on the ski and clamp down the motor.

Check out the videos below to see how easy the Fogman World Cup Edge Grinder is to use.  Note that with the ski side edge up, you can easily monitor your grinding results as you go.

Here is another good video done by one of our distributors.

Fogman World Cup Edge Grinder

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